Institute Occupational Safety and Health – agency partner – Precedent

Helping create a safe and healthy world of work.

Millions of people have their lives severely affected because of the work they do, with illness, injury and death all too common. But there is much more to the world of work than preventing accidents and injuries. Work, when it is good, gives people status, positive health benefits, a quality of life and a sense of wellbeing. 

IOSH’s objective is to achieve a safer and healthier world of work and to lead the way with a vision that details the steps needed to give an organisation or profession the tools to deliver it.

A complete online strategy and renewel of digital channels was required. This ensured content worked harder around a newly define message strategy. The new website we created allows current services to be intergrated and easlily accessed, improving experience for members, training partners and the public whilst creating a flexible foundation for growth and the development of new products. 

Since the launch the new website has helped enhance the status and capability of the occupational safety and health profession, provided a platform that enables IOSH to develop online training delivery, collaborate with its members and extended the reach of its influence.